Use of Archetypes in Branding

What is the meaning of Archetypes and how they are related to your Branding Agency? Definition of archetypes refers to symbols, character, and themes that recur in different times and places throughout myth, film, literature, and ritual. Psychologist Carl Jung first defined this concept of archetypes.

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You identify and instinctively understand archetypes when you watch a movie or read a book. Without realizing, you are doing it. According to Psychologist Jung archetypes are basic character types or roles universally recognisable.

Most of the times, every story boils down to one of seven basic plots, characters can be broken down into a small number of archetypes. Whenever archetypes are used in our brand process, we get into the deep, by using a family of 60 archetypes, to create a real identity.

All 60 members of the archetypes extended family belong to various ‘suits, ’ and can be taken out to twelve core archetypes and they are Sage, Explorer, Rebel, Innocent, Hero, Creator, Magician, Sovereign, Everyman, Caregiver, Jester, and Lover.

As archetypes are easy to understand, they are used on the very frequent basis in storytelling, literature, entertainment, and even by brands too.

Look at the example of British Airways. It is the example of Sovereign archetypes. They speak to you like a parent who is stable, have their heritage, power, and element of trust.

Take another example of Virgin Atlantic. It is the example of Rebel archetypes. They speak to you just like a friend who lives out of the town and knows best places to go around.

If we look at both of the above examples, we will get to know that although both works differently, behind the scenes they both are doing the same thing, i.e., helps in sending people from one place to another.

Sage archetype is referred as the wise old man, suggests learning, authority, wisdom, and guidance. The example to it might include IBM, New York Times, McKinsey, CNN, Wikipedia. Sage brand helps us to understand the world, reveals information, gives us knowledge, teach us and empower us.

The same principle applies for brands, just the approach is different but belongs to the part of the similar sage family.

Branding agency helps people, product and brand to understand the primary role of brand and branding. Branding agency explains why it is necessary for a brand to play in the mind of the consumer. The brand agency helps us to understand which archetype should be embodied with which brand. This way branding agency allows brands to “stay in character” by staying consistent across all channels with technological advancement.

Branding agency helps clients to understand more about archetypes, and also to uncover their brand archetype. Branding agency tells their clients how archetypes help them communicate their brand well. This is the first stage of the Brand Story process. It provides the practical framework to develop the voice tone and visual language of the brand.

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