Tips to reduce the cost of mini digger hire

Mini diggers are a useful bit of kit, and if you’ve got a project which involves some major excavation work, hiring a digger can be the perfect way to get the job done quickly instead of toiling away with a spade. Hiring a mini digger is a costly affair then you might think, and though there are some daily rates, upfront deposit costs can be a surprise.

On an average, a 5-ton mini digger will cost around £60 – £95 for a day and about £350 – £400 for a week. This is the base rate, and you’ll need to ass factors that effect in additional costs like travel and operator fees. You need to be savvy if you want to keep cost lower.

Stay Local
The further you are away from the supplier, the more you need to pay for the digger to be delivered. Therefore, it is essential to do your homework correctly and choose a mini digger hire company as close as possible to your place. With the help of local listings, try try to find out the local contractors who will be of your help.

Depending on the hire company, delivery fees will either be calculated by the round-trip mileage or from a pre-determined banding system. If your preferred supplier uses the later, they will usually have a map on their site which shows the banding for estimated delivery costs. Commonly, most of the firms calculate expenses for every 10 miles, and up to the distance of 40 miles. On average, it will cost you somewhere around £30 if you live within the range of 10 miles, with prices rising to £60.

Hire the Right Size
It looks exciting to hire the biggest digger, but this is a false economy. It is better to hire a slightly smaller machine because the hire rates are likely to be less. For instance, rather than a 5-ton digger, you could choose for a 1.5-ton JCB. These are ideal for small DIY residential projects such as excavating a pond, landscaping or removing soil for foundations.

Hire a Contractor
The idea of driving a digger around your garden might sound like a lot of fun, but these equipment are a lot harder to operate than they look in the real sense. You need to practice a lot before you use them to work efficiently. You may waste your half day trying to operate it flawlessly. So it is advisable and wise too, to pay for an operator. Hiring a contractor will cost about £200.

Consider the Deposit
One of the unexpected mini digger hire costs includes the deposit. A firm charges typically a refundable fee of around £750 before you’re allowed to take delivery of the equipment. This unforeseen expense is because of the valuable nature of the tools you’re hiring.

These equipment come with a costly hire fee, so if you can get the work done by yourself, you can save a lot of money.

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