Things changed a lot for e-book industry

Today is the era of e-books. Things have changed a lot for the e-book industry. If you want to create a book and wish to self-publish it, this article is undoubtedly meant for you:

create a book

Self-publishing is easy
Create a book and then self-publish it., as it is far easy. You can choose a size for your book, can format your manuscript to fit that size, can convert your Word doc into a PDF, can create cover art in Photoshop, turn that into a PDF, and upload it to the self-publisher of your choice. Additionally, you will get a book proof back within a couple of weeks.

Digital is your best bet
If you have created a book and you want to publish it, then it is much easier to produce an e-book, especially regarding formatting and cover design. You can also keep the price of e-book lower than compared to a paperback, which makes your sell easy. The quality of POD books is also generally decent.

Have a clear goal for your book
Having a clear goal for your book will help you to dictate what service you go with. For instance, if your objective is to create a book for a small group, you need not invest a lot of time or money on it. However, if you have big aspirations from your book, then keep your goal different.

Niche books tend to do best.
It seems to be the mantra for self-published books. Some genres do better than others like romance, erotica, motivational, etc. So better have a target audience that you can focus on.

Buy your ISBN
If you have big market aspirations for your book, then buy your ISBN number(International Standard Book Number) and create your own publishing company.

Create a unique title
Your book should be easy to find in a search on Google and Amazon and should come up in the first couple of search results. Get the maximum SEO (search engine optimization) for your title, so when somebody’ actually wants to buy your book, they’ll find the link to it.

Negotiation is key
Self-publishing companies always offer special deals on their various services. Yiu can still negotiate with them. Also, ask a lot of questions to the service provider and never be afraid to complain.

Self-published books rarely get reviews for free
It’s tough to get your self-published book reviewed. But nowadays by paying some additional amount you can also get your book reviewed by some reputable book reviewers.

To sell online, make the most out of your Amazon page
Give proper attention to your Amazon product pages. Realize how important Amazon is. Some authors do marketing through a website or also buy Google keywords to drive traffic. But first and foremost, you need to have your Amazon page look as good as possible. Also, take advantage of the tools available at Amazon to help you surface your book.

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