Premium Twitter Clients for iPhone and iPad

There are many free twitter apps available for iPhone, iPad and iPod touch, but there are premium ones as well.
These premium apps do offer features which a free one cannot. These features include customized themes, advertisement-less layout, faster speed and all sorts of exclusiveness to make you feel like a VIP.

So today I have made a list of those premium apps which will take your twitter experience to the next level. The last two apps only work on iPad, rest are universal.

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The description of the apps are being copied from the source homepages, so don’t mind if they sound a little advertising.

Tweetion for iPhone 4 $1.99
premier app for Twitter in iphone
A new and fresh approach to Twitter Addicted to downloading and exploring what’s new in the world of social networking?

LaTwit – Twitter Client $1.99
client for Twitter at iphone
LaTwit is a full featured client for Twitter and StatusNet (formerly known as Laconica) based social networking sites such as Twit Army and Identica. It also supports posting using

SimplyTweet 3 – Twitter Client $5.49
Twitter app for iphone
SimplyTweet makes using Twitter easy, keeping you informed via push notifications when someone messages or mentions you.

TwitBird Premium $1.99
twitter app for ipad and iphone
Twitbird is a super-fast Twitter client loaded with unique features that’s a joy to use on iPhone, iPod Touch, and iPad. From timeline to map search and four beautiful themes, Twitbird offers advanced Twitter functionality beyond your expectations.

Maha $1.99
app for tweeting in iphone
Maha is a Twitter client, focusing on animations and interface. Other apps give you themes to select, but never give you a full customization. Maha allows you to pick whatever color you want, tune your client with your taste!

Tweeb $1.99
premium twitter app for iphone
Tweeb is a Twitter analytics and Twitter follower management app. It’s the only app (iPhone or otherwise) that provides a simple, digestible, and yet comprehensive view of how you are doing on Twitter.

Tweetings for Twitter $2.99
client app for the iPhone or iPad!
Tweetings is a Twitter client for the iPhone with an extensive feature list including lists, push, geolocation and syncs your timeline with your Mac or iPad!

Osfoora $1.99
twitter client app for ipad and iphone
Osfoora for Twitter is a fast and clean twitter client that gives you easy access to all of twitter’s functionalities. Osfoora features an elegant and clean Home screen that lets you access most functionalities in a single touch. With an elegant user interface, multiple account support, optional full landscape mode (customizable), and more, using twitter becomes a joy!

Tweetbot $2.99
A Twitter Client for iPhone
Tweetbot is a full-featured iPhone (and iPod touch) Twitter client with a lot of personality. Whether it’s the meticulously-crafted interface, sounds & animation, or features like multiple timelines & smart gestures, there’s a lot to love about Tweetbot.

Twittelator Pro – Twitter Client $4.99
social networking app of the Twitter sphere.
Twittelator Pro is the ultimate Twitter client with every feature you need. The elegant design will make your social networking life run smoothly.

Twittelator Neue for Twitter $2.99
twitter premium app for iphone Twittelator Neue 2. Enjoy a faster, fresher experience on Twitter.

Tweetlogix for Twitter $1.99
premium app for iphone & ipad
Tweetlogix makes Twitter on your iPhone or iPod touch better than ever. Powerful filtering lets you instantly mute users, keywords or phrases.

TweetList Pro – Twitter Client $2.99
app for iphone
TweetList is a full-featured Twitter client that highlights Twitter lists. But even if you don’t use Twitter lists, you’ll love TweetList’s speed and intuitive user interface.

Birdbrain Twitter Statistics $2.99
app for ipad and iphone
Birdbrain checks your Twitter accounts for changes to your friends and followers, and tracks mention, retweets and list memberships. When you start Birdbrain it takes a snapshot of your Twitter account and shows you the changes since it last updated. While Birdbrain is running it will automatically update every 20 minutes.

Twit-Notify $0.99
a tool for twitter at iphone and ipad
Twit-Notify is a fast and easy to use Twitter notifier – now you can easily see if there is anything urgent waiting for you on your Timeline, or in the Direct Messages inbox, or among @Replies. You can now define groups of people you follow and be notified about their tweets separately from your Timeline.

Tweet Flow $0.99
twitter app for ipad
Tweet Flow is one of the first Twitter clients specifically developed for the iPad. This application provides all the features you need to use Twitter on your iPad, with a very beautiful design. The background will also change depending on the local time (day or night)!

Tweeterena 2 for iPad – Twitter Client $0.99
app to tweet
Fully featured Twitter client designed specifically for the iPad’s large beautiful display. It is clear and simple, making it a pleasure to read through your tweets. It includes all the features you would expect from a full featured twitter client.

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