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Popular Types of Japanese Knotweed UK Removal

Japanese Knotweed UK

There are several approved Japanese Knotweed removal methods, and many individuals have debated for a long time over which is the best. Well, the best answer we can provide is that it depends on the location in question. Unfortunately, money, as with everything else comes into the equation. The cost of Japanese knotweed excavation exceeds that of chemical control. Apart from money, there are other factors to be considered, and in this post, we have listed a few in order to help those who need Japanese Knotweed removal.

Considerations for Japanese Knotweed UK Chemical Control
1. Beneficial to the surroundings
2. Cost-effective
3. It takes almost four years to control and more for the knotweed to completely decompose.
4. Requires a specialist for proper treatment
5. There are restrictions on chemical control under or near trees, and an EA approval is required for locations near water.

Considerations for Excavation and Removal
1. Expensive
2. Requires expertise and experience for proper excavation. A specialist is required for the management of the entire process.
3. Excavation and removal is instant and the best method of Japanese Knotweed eradication
4. Excavation is restricted in certain regions such as near foundations to buildings. It’s ideally restricted close to trees and may be considered inappropriate since it may destabilise the trees.

There are, alternative options as well, and that is why a qualified Japanese Knotweed UK professional should be consulted. Other approaches that fall in the middle of the above methods include onsite relocation, partial excavation and capping and on-site burial.

On-site Relocation
This involves digging and removing the contaminated material from the site to another location where the law approves for chemical treatment over an extended period. The advantage of this method is that the Japanese Knotweed can be treated economically over time, which is better for the environment and more cost-effective.

On-site Burial
The ability to bury the knotweed onsite eliminates the need for the controlled waste to be moved to a landfill that has been accepted by the Environment Agency. However, the soil needs to be free from other types of contamination, and the Environment Agency has to be informed. More often than not, a root barrier is used to encapsulate the material which is buried to a certain depth.

Partial Excavation and Capping
In some cases, it’s possible to excavate to formation level and use a barrier to cap the Japanese knotweed. This is a more economical method compared to complete removal as long as an ideal root barrier is used and installed properly. This approach can be an economical and practical solution, but in some cases, it may have to be combined with chemical control.

Finally, consideration should be given to the location and the demands that will be put on it in the future. It is advisable to conduct a proper survey and create a strategy to make sure that proper consideration has been given to the method of Japanese knotweed removal or control. Again, it’s essential that any such strategy contains survey details, risk assessment as well as a proper evaluation of the possible removal or control methods.

Premium Twitter Clients for iPhone and iPad

There are many free twitter apps available for iPhone, iPad and iPod touch, but there are premium ones as well.
These premium apps do offer features which a free one cannot. These features include customized themes, advertisement-less layout, faster speed and all sorts of exclusiveness to make you feel like a VIP.

So today I have made a list of those premium apps which will take your twitter experience to the next level. The last two apps only work on iPad, rest are universal.

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The description of the apps are being copied from the source homepages, so don’t mind if they sound a little advertising.

Tweetion for iPhone 4 $1.99
premier app for Twitter in iphone
A new and fresh approach to Twitter Addicted to downloading and exploring what’s new in the world of social networking?

LaTwit – Twitter Client $1.99
client for Twitter at iphone
LaTwit is a full featured client for Twitter and StatusNet (formerly known as Laconica) based social networking sites such as Twit Army and Identica. It also supports posting using

SimplyTweet 3 – Twitter Client $5.49
Twitter app for iphone
SimplyTweet makes using Twitter easy, keeping you informed via push notifications when someone messages or mentions you.

TwitBird Premium $1.99
twitter app for ipad and iphone
Twitbird is a super-fast Twitter client loaded with unique features that’s a joy to use on iPhone, iPod Touch, and iPad. From timeline to map search and four beautiful themes, Twitbird offers advanced Twitter functionality beyond your expectations.

Maha $1.99
app for tweeting in iphone
Maha is a Twitter client, focusing on animations and interface. Other apps give you themes to select, but never give you a full customization. Maha allows you to pick whatever color you want, tune your client with your taste!

Tweeb $1.99
premium twitter app for iphone
Tweeb is a Twitter analytics and Twitter follower management app. It’s the only app (iPhone or otherwise) that provides a simple, digestible, and yet comprehensive view of how you are doing on Twitter.

Tweetings for Twitter $2.99
client app for the iPhone or iPad!
Tweetings is a Twitter client for the iPhone with an extensive feature list including lists, push, geolocation and syncs your timeline with your Mac or iPad!

Osfoora $1.99
twitter client app for ipad and iphone
Osfoora for Twitter is a fast and clean twitter client that gives you easy access to all of twitter’s functionalities. Osfoora features an elegant and clean Home screen that lets you access most functionalities in a single touch. With an elegant user interface, multiple account support, optional full landscape mode (customizable), and more, using twitter becomes a joy!

Tweetbot $2.99
A Twitter Client for iPhone
Tweetbot is a full-featured iPhone (and iPod touch) Twitter client with a lot of personality. Whether it’s the meticulously-crafted interface, sounds & animation, or features like multiple timelines & smart gestures, there’s a lot to love about Tweetbot.

Twittelator Pro – Twitter Client $4.99
social networking app of the Twitter sphere.
Twittelator Pro is the ultimate Twitter client with every feature you need. The elegant design will make your social networking life run smoothly.

Twittelator Neue for Twitter $2.99
twitter premium app for iphone Twittelator Neue 2. Enjoy a faster, fresher experience on Twitter.

Tweetlogix for Twitter $1.99
premium app for iphone & ipad
Tweetlogix makes Twitter on your iPhone or iPod touch better than ever. Powerful filtering lets you instantly mute users, keywords or phrases.

TweetList Pro – Twitter Client $2.99
app for iphone
TweetList is a full-featured Twitter client that highlights Twitter lists. But even if you don’t use Twitter lists, you’ll love TweetList’s speed and intuitive user interface.

Birdbrain Twitter Statistics $2.99
app for ipad and iphone
Birdbrain checks your Twitter accounts for changes to your friends and followers, and tracks mention, retweets and list memberships. When you start Birdbrain it takes a snapshot of your Twitter account and shows you the changes since it last updated. While Birdbrain is running it will automatically update every 20 minutes.

Twit-Notify $0.99
a tool for twitter at iphone and ipad
Twit-Notify is a fast and easy to use Twitter notifier – now you can easily see if there is anything urgent waiting for you on your Timeline, or in the Direct Messages inbox, or among @Replies. You can now define groups of people you follow and be notified about their tweets separately from your Timeline.

Tweet Flow $0.99
twitter app for ipad
Tweet Flow is one of the first Twitter clients specifically developed for the iPad. This application provides all the features you need to use Twitter on your iPad, with a very beautiful design. The background will also change depending on the local time (day or night)!

Tweeterena 2 for iPad – Twitter Client $0.99
app to tweet
Fully featured Twitter client designed specifically for the iPad’s large beautiful display. It is clear and simple, making it a pleasure to read through your tweets. It includes all the features you would expect from a full featured twitter client.

Top CDN Services for Bloggers and Webmasters

CDN or content delivery network is a service which makes your website load faster and reduces your server bill.
CDN is a network of servers that are placed at many many geographical locations all over the world. If you’re signed up to any of the CDN services, your site loads through those servers. These CDN servers cache your data and when a website visitors enter your website’s address, these CDN networks cater the browser’s requests from their own servers so your web host server can take some rest.

CDN service is offered offered by free and paid providers. Today I’m featuring both types.



With SSL and real time reporting features, MaxCDN is one of the best free CDN services out there. Even we at Designzzz use MaxCDN.

Free CDN service for bloggers


They offer a wonderful free plan apart from the paid ones. The free plan includes security protection and statistics charts.

Free and Premium CDN service

Coral CDN

In CoralCDN, you don’t have to sign-up or anything, just add after any URL and you’re good to go. For example, try

Free CDN provider for blogs


Amazon Cloud Front

This CDN is provided by the internet giant Amazon, so it is a little costly but highly reliable.

Premium CDN Network

The CacheFly

The specialist in providing CDN. Awesome service that guarantees to deliver high-quality results, but since it’s a little costly it might not be the best solution for small-scale bloggers.

Paid CDN Hosting


CDN by SoftLayer. Offers pay-as-you-go plan, ideal for small-scale projects.

CDN Hosting

Cloud Files

CDN by RackSpace. Another solution for small-scale bloggers. This CDN network is becoming very popular these days.

Premium Paid CDN Hosting


Free Twitter Apps for iPhone and iPad

Apple integrated twitter in iOS 5.1 so some people think that if they have the latest version of iOS installed in their device, they don’t need a twitter app. They are wrong!

It is true that they might not need the official twitter app but there are lots of other apps doing things that official twitter app can’t even imagine of.

Social media managers, schedulers, stat checkers and there are lots of tools which can make your life easy if you have them in your iDevice. The best thing is that all these tools are absolutely free.
Cuttings from original descriptions are being copied so don’t mind if they may sound advertisement like.

Do everything twitter has to offer with this official app.

App for iPhone to Tweet
This is one of my personal favorites. Buffer for iPhone lets you easily add Tweets to your Buffer on the move. With Buffer you can add a lot of tweets into your queue of Buffered Tweets, without flooding your followers.

TweetCaster for Twitter
Twitter app for iPhone, iPod Touch and iPad
TweetCaster is the ONLY app with Search Party, SmartLists and Zip It. The iPad version has been designed to take advantage of the iPad dimensions and new iPad retina display, and it is stunning—check out its innovative dashboard!

tool for twitter at iphone
Twitxr is the best way to share your photos with your friends using your iPhone or iPod Touch. With Twitxr you can take a photo and instantly upload it and share it with your friends on Twitxr, Facebook, Twitter, Flickr and Picasa.

app for iphone and ipad
Ever used Twitter and never got hold of the words, phrases and shortened words? Use TwitterSlang as your very own Twitter dictionary! You can email us within the app to ask for more words or phrases and their definition to be added into the app.

Free twitter app for iphone and ipad
TweetDeck allows you to monitor, manage and engage in your social world by bringing together your Twitter and Facebook feeds in a powerful and flexible column-based dashboard.

HootSuite for Twitter
app for iphone
This is a professional tool specialist marketers often use.
Simple, elegant and powerful, HootSuite allows you to send and schedule updates, track click stats, and set up tracking columns to monitor keywords, #hashtags, and lists. allows you to manage your social media profiles, like Facebook, Facebook Pages, LinkedIn, Foursquare, Twitter, from anywhere.

twitter app for ipad and iphone
Seesmic for iPhone lets you update and view multiple social networks in an efficient and powerful application. Manage multiple Twitter accounts, your Facebook account, your Chatter accounts, a account and organize all your accounts, searches, trending topics and lists in your customizable dashboard.
It has special features for Twitter which include: Seamlessly manage multiple Twitter accounts, Explore and save Twitter Searches and Trending Topics, Browse Twitter Lists, share your location by Geotagging your updates.

Flipboard: Your Social News Magazine
iphone app for twitter
Flipboard creates a personalized magazine out of everything being shared with you. Flip through your Facebook newsfeed, tweets from your Twitter timeline, photos from Instagram friends, sounds from SoundCloud and much more.


twitter fon
Formerly it was named TwitterFon. Its a twitter client, with this application you can follow friends or update status search current trends. Another silent feature is that you can open URLs in Safari rather than the built-in browser.

TweetChat for Twitter
TweetChat is a live chat client for Twitter with secure login (via oAuth), multiple rooms, location enabling and best of all many users!

Tweet Push – Push Notifications For Twitter
Twitter push notification provider on the iPhone. Sustainably backed by the very first commercial development company on the iPhone platform. Tweet Push allows you to receive push notifications for your Twitter accounts, when you have new mentions or direct messages.

free app for twitter and facebook
Boxcar sends you push notifications for Mentions, DMs, RTs, New Followers, Favorites, and whenever you’re added to a list. The best part is, it works with over 35 of your favorite Twitter apps including: Twittelator, TweetDeck Twitter, Twitterrific, Osfoora, Hootsuite, Echofon (Lite and Pro), Twinkle, SimplyTweet, Twitterena+ (Lite and Pro),, TwitBird Pro, and TwitBird! You receive a push, then your favorite Twitter client is opened!

UberSocial for Twitter
UberSocial supports inline viewing of photos and videos from services such as yfrog, Lockerz, TwitPic, MyPict, Flickr, MobyPicture, TwitVid, TwitGoo, TwitSnap, Imgur, Instagram, Twimg. UberSocial was previously known as UberTwitter.

Twitterrific for Twitter
Now a universal app for both iPad & iPhone, Twitterrific is the friendly, award-winning Twitter client that’s beautiful to look at easy to use and full of elegant features. Effortlessly read and compose tweets, search, filter message types and much more.

Smartr Contacts for iPhone
Smartr Contacts brings you that magic. This free app automatically creates rich profiles for all your contacts, including communication history and updates from Twitter, Facebook and LinkedIn.

NatsuLion for iPhone
“NatsuLion for iPhone” (a.k.a. “NatsuLiphone”) is a simple Twitter client for iPhone/iPod touch. It has simple, fast, and slick user-interface to enjoy Twitter. It’s based on NatsuLion for Mac OSX and it’s open source application, too.

SocialDash is the app that gives you a dashboard view of the social you! It displays your current Klout, PeerIndex and Retweet Rank scores for multiple Twitter accounts. Compare your stats and scores with any other Twitter user simply by putting in their Twitter name.

Tweet – iPad edition for Twitter
Tweet – iPad Edition is a very fast and very stable twitter client for the iPhone, iPod and iPad. It offers simplicity for the novice twitter user and some very powerful features for the expert.

twitter app for iphone
Just an update field, just for Twitter, for your iPhone/iPod Touch.

iTweet Now

twitter client app free for iphone
If you have iOS 5 installed, you don’t need this app.
Mainly for iPad, iTweet Now is another twitter client, but this app is special because you can simply post a tweet in less then 10 seconds. The app has a nice interface and most of all for a limited time it is free.

Absolutely Free Softwares for Converting Fonts

About a week ago, I made a collection of online font converters. But sometimes an online tool isn’t enough, you need a software that works locally, on your computer. So here are 5 unique tools to convert fonts.
Convert fonts to use them on the web, or maybe your desktop publication software doesn’t support PostScript Type1 font, and you need to convert it. These converters are a solution to all those problems.

Converts TTF Fonts to EOT and compresses the file to make it a lot smaller. Useful for tool for developers.
Offline free Tool to convert fonts

WOFF fonts!

Converts TTF files to .woff for­mat. It has a command-line interface so it’s not much user-friendly. Source code comes built in, so serious developers may like it.
Converting tool free download


Converts PC fonts to MAC and vice-versa.
A software that converts the Font true typeTransType SE 2.5.1
Simple converter tool for fonts. It works with most of fonts formats and converts them into one another. Takes a lot of hardware resources.
Font Converter free tool

TransType Pro

Premium Paid Version of TransType.
This comes with all the powerful features, like all font formats are supported. Batch processing and many such features which are not present in the above mentioned version.

Color Palette and Mixer Apps for Android

Graphic designers as well as web designers frequently need color mixing tools. They need it for their designing of course but even if you are not a designer, you should have at least one of these apps so you can make better color selections in your day to day works, such as painting a room or recoloring your picnic basket.
This list includes color mixers, palette creators, color scheme makers, HEX code charts and all kinds of tools you might need related to colors.


Browse hundreds of possibilities and adjust color lightness, saturation, or hue to get the perfect paint color and palette.
android app for designers

Magic Color Picker

Magic Color Picker is an powerful color selection tool suitable for designers, artists and programmers for selecting colors using different color models.
Free Download Application

Color Pal

Easily find color palettes and schemes for any design project. Whether you’re a web designer or just looking to paint your son’s room, you’ll find some of the best color palettes/schemes available.
Included are the HEX, RGB and CMYK color values which you can quickly email to for easy reference.
coloring app for android

Color Mood Designer

Color Mood Designer is the professional way to quickly find the color combination that is right for your designing project.
App for designers in android

Pocket Color Chart

The Pantone Matching System (PMS) is a system shared world wide by the graphic arts industry.
Pantone Color mixer

Superdry Color Picker

Superdry Color Picker is color picker library for Android.
demo app for android

HTML Colors – Quick Reference

An app to use as a reference. Does what it says and not much else. This is for web designers. It does NOT include an RGB slider, only HEX codes for HTML.
free coloring app for android

Sketcher Lite

A fun procedural drawing tool. A port of “Harmony”
sketch maker for android

Color Palette – Iromihon

Iromihon is a color tool to adjust and to see. In full screen, it also works as color light (flashlight).
tool for designers at android

Color dictionary

Price = $2/- This is the only paid item in this list. I found this app very interesting so I added it anyway.
Color Dictionary makes it very easy for you to reference any traditional colors all over the world. Includes global colors, traditional color of US, UK, France, etc.
Provides RGB/HEX/CMYK/Lab values and detailed color analysis.
designing tool for andriods

Apple iOS 6 – New Features Reviewed

Apple presented its latest iOS 6 yesterday on 11th June. And they did it in style on the opening day of their much awaited World Wide Developer’s Conference (WWDC). While the conference continuous until 15th June, we take a bite from Apple’s latest.
The final version of the operating system is set to be launched in fall (that’s autumn) this year but today, Apple did something which I think they haven’t done before. They made the beta available for developer’s preview.
If you have iPhone 3GS or higher, or 2nd generation iPad or 4th generation iPod touch, you can install iOS 6 beta. For download and installation help, please visit cnet.

Yesterday, we only got to know about the features of iOS 6 but I waited a day so I can read up a few columns and give you not just a features list but a little bit of review.

Features List

iOS6 Launch at WWDC Launch

Image courtesy: cnet Before I say what I think of it, let’s go through the features once.

Siri: can now open applications, all you have to do is say “Play…” and it does. “Play music” and it opens music player. You can do this with hundreds of applications. You can also check latest game scores, get weather updates, book a table for dinner and a whole lot of stuff just by telling Siri to do so.
Siri can now be a part of iPad as well.

Facebook: is now embedded in iOS 6. You don’t need Facebook app now.

Apple Maps: says good bye to Google Maps. For USA, it gives a detailed 3D viewing and its integration with Siri promises a lot.

Email: VIPs is just like priority sorting in Gmail. If the email of your boss is more important than any random email, he is a VIP and his emails are prioritized.

FaceTime over 3G: is big development. For two years, FaceTime only worked over Wi-Fi but now it works on cellular network as well.

Passbook: is kind of a copy of loyalty card tracker in Google Wallet. It stores all your digital movie tickets, boarding passes, store cards and so on.

Reply with Message and Do Not Disturb: are auto-texts. If you are busy and someone calls, he can get an automatic SMS reply that says “I’ll call you later”. You can also set ‘Do Not Disturb’ so the mobile will not even vibrate or light up when it receives a call or sends the text.

Eyes Free: is something unique. Apple is working with big automobile producers, such Mercedes and BMW for a dedicated Siri button on the staring wheel so you can interact with your portable device without having to take your eyes of the road.


Launch of iOS 6 and its Features.

The buzz is that Apple has copied many features from Android’s latest update. To me, this is a meaningless remark because what I want to know is, which is better? which gives me the worth of my money? and that’s what I focus on!

Apple maps tell you (of course, with the help of Siri) if there was an accident on the road, or a construction is in progress so you should change the path. The new Mail allows you to create multiple signatures. There are over 200 features like this which cannot all be mentioned but they all can make life easier, but the most important and decisive feature would be Siri. If they get Siri right, Apple will dominate.

Which is Better?

If you go outside USA, Apple Maps don’t look as charming. And Siri, well let me tell you what my friend from UK told me: “Whenever I try to find a job, Siri says you are outside USA or please use US English”. So my verdict is that if you are in USA, you will have a hard time deciding between Android or Apple but if you are somewhere else, maybe Android is better

Free Android based Flickr Apps for Photography Lovers

Flickr is the most loved network of photographers from all over the world. The Yahoo owned network is one of the world’s 50 most frequently visited websites. Such a phenomenal website needs to have a few dedicated apps. Indeed it has, plenty of them.

Today I’ve got for you 20 best Android apps for Flickr. All these are completely free.
So whether you are a photographer or just use Flickr to find beautiful photos (like I do), you’ll love these apps.

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Most of the descriptions on the apps is being copied from the original source, so please don’t mind if it sounds a little advertisement like.


This is the official app.
The best way to share your life in photos – now available on Android! Take beautiful photos with our in-app camera, enhance with filters, then share on Facebook, Twitter and more.


A simple flickr upload application that integrates into the media gallery.
A nice and simple flickr upload application that integrates in the share feature of the media gallery


Quickly upload photos to Flickr from your mobile device. UpFlickr is integrated with your default Gallery app – no longer do you need a dedicated Flickr app, just upload your photos straight from the gallery.

Flicker uploader free

Backup your pictures to your Flickr account automatically. The Service runs in the background. Saves a copy also to your Gmail (sent items).

Flickr Daily Show

Flickr Daily Show brings you the great flickr daily interestingness, the 500 most liked picture on flickr each day based on the votes of millions users. You can choose any date to see what’s the hottest picture on flickr that day.

Flickr PF

One click photo-sync, contact-sync.
Use this to start photo-sync, contact sync as a background process. Sync recommends Wi-Fi / 3G networks, highly recommended to sync all photos before using the app for best experience. Pause/Continue options available for easy usage.

My Photoset

With My Photoset, you can easily take your favorite Flickr photosets with you. Just enter a photoset ID and you can browse photos on a list or on a map. You can get as well details and comments about photos. All pictures are saved on your SDCard.


Explore Flickr streams on a scrolling gallery: swipe, drag, pause, zoom, get photo details and view on map.


This Flickr Android client application enable you brows flickr website photos as a guest user.
If you have a Flickr account, you can register and bind your account to this application, then you can take picture and upload instantly or upload the pictures stored in your phone.

Flickr Droid

Easy search and viewing of Flickr images. Automatic wallpaper updater, based on YOUR search, or your own photos!
Auto-correct spelling. Tiny bandwidth use. Images can be set as background/contacts, shared, or saved.


Photostream is a photo browser for the popular Flickr web site. Photostream will notify you whenever one of your favorite Flickr
contacts has new photos for you to look at.


Still in Beta Version.
A slideshow for Flickr. Explore and search photos on Flickr.

Photo Explorer

Search and view thousands of photos on flickr, picasa, sualize, photobucket and photodom.
View by tags or users. Search with keywords. Share or save. Set as or rotate wallpaper.


PhotoFlux is a location-based photo browser. With PhotoFlux you can display geocoded photos from Flickr taken in a certain geographic area by selecting an area of interest on a map and then browsing the corresponding stream of photos.


It is an interactive panorama image viewer. It displays equirectangular panorama images (360 deg x 180 deg spherical panoramas) hosted at Flickr, local images stored on the device, or from any user-defined URL.

Pano Wall

Search photos from Panoramio and Flickr. Search by Map. Set as wallpaper. Save to SD. Support Froyo App to SD.

Flickr Timescape

Get the latest updates from the publicly shared Flickr albums of a user right into your Timescape app. This Extension delivers the latest photos directly into the Timescape application. Activate the Extension from the Timescape Settings menu, by selecting Services.

Flickr Companion Free

The most powerful, full-featured Flickr client for Android devices.
A free, ad-supported version of the popular Flickr Companion app.

Flickr Explorer (Batch Upload)

Batch Upload means to upload multiple files using a single command.
Flickr Explorer is a amazing free handy tool to explore pictures and upload your photos in Flickr. You can login with your own flickr account and Batch upload supported with no limitation.

Flickr Photo Quiz Free

I saved my favorite one for the last.
Random and most interesting photos of famous and interesting sights, people in national costumes, national traditions, wonders of nature from Flickr. More than 80 countries, 90 cities and 400 places.

Free Android Apps to Help you Search through Internet

We are living in exponential times, the knowledge is expanding and we have to learn more and more things daily. It could be for college assignment, it could be for our job, it could be for many things, but the fact remains that we have to search and research a lot of content.
And to do all this, we search our questions and queries on internet. To make your search more friendly, here are some free apps for your Android based devices.

Google Search
Google Search app for Android: The fastest, easiest way to find what you need on the web and on your device. You can quickly search the web and your phone or tablet, use your voice to search and more and get personalized results based on your location

Quick Search Widget
Quick Search is a fast and lightweight web search App. It provides fast shortcuts to various websites, and it includes a Widget for your Home Screen. You can search in Google, Yahoo, Bing, Wikipedia, Weather Forecast, Google News, YouTube, Amazon, eBay, etc…

Image Search
Image Search application with Google Api. Easy to use! Long tap to download the image or go to the site that contains the image. Just input query and press button to execute your search.
Several options are available in setting menu invoked by “menu”->”setting” button.

GO Default Search Widget
GO Search Widget is another useful tool dedicated for GO Launcher EX. It is a simple and fast search widget. Default Search Widget has to revert to previous versions of the form. After the upgrade, you can normally use themes.

Google Goggles
Search by taking a picture: point your mobile phone camera at a painting, a famous landmark, a barcode or QR code, a product, a storefront, or a popular image. If Goggles finds it in its database, it will provide you with useful information. Goggles can read and translate text into English and many other languages. Goggles also works as a barcode / QR code scanner.

Find everything with WhitePages: People, Businesses, Phone Numbers and more!
New! WhitePages for Android V2 is the fastest way to find people, businesses and phone numbers. WhitePages is the most trusted source for people and business search, with over 200 million U.S. households & businesses at your fingertips.

Job Search
Search millions of jobs from thousands of job sites. Find jobs at search engine for jobs. In a single search, Indeed offers free access to millions of vacancies from thousands of company websites, recruitment agencies and job boards in USA, Canada, UK, Ireland, India, South Africa, Hong Kong, New Zealand, Singapore and Australia. Real Estate Search
They claim that® has more listings, better photos and updates listing information more often than any other real estate app. Draw your own custom search area right on the map, search nearby and use Area Scout to see average values update as you move.

Recipe Search
Quick and simple way to find recipes with ingredients that you have or want. All the cooks is the #1 community for people who cook. It’s home, sweet home, for people who like cooking and sharing ideas! Follow and get followings from people all around the world! Easily scan through 150k recipes just by saying ingredients you have and discover great recipes!

World Newspapers
Newspapers from all around the world at your fingertip! Number 1 News App in Android Market!!
Easy to use directory of thousands of local and international newspapers, magazines and websites.
More than 6000 WORLDWIDE newspapers, websites and magazines links at your fingertips optimized for your android phone.

Formulas Lite
A must have App for all students. Formulas Lite is a simple, easy to use application which helps you to refer collection of most important formulas of maths, physics & chemistry. features: Scientific Calculator, Interesting Facts, Translator, etc.
A weather station that provides you with 7-day forecast, current weather, homescreen Widget (not possible if installed on SD card!!), powerful search + GPS positioning, animated rain radar (Germany & Spain), weather warnings (Germany), editorial forecast (Germany, Austria, Switzerland) and weather videos.

Voice Search
Search the web and your phone by voice and control your phone with Voice Actions. Quickly search your phone, the web, and nearby locations by speaking, instead of typing. Call your contacts, get directions, and control your phone with Voice Actions. Voice Actions is only available in US English for now.

Word Search
Word Search game is available in 8 different languages & with online challenges. Word Search is a free classic word puzzle, containing over 5000+ words in eight different languages, seven customizable themes, online challenges and online score leaderboard. Check out new Christmas theme!

English Dictionary – Offline
Free offline english dictionary very easy to use, explains the meaning of English words, based on English Wiktionary. It works offline, internet is used only when a word is not found in the offline dictionary. It contains over 102400 definitions from English Wiktionary, now available offline. It is integrated with Google Quick Search Box and installable on SD card.

Mp3 Music Search & Download
Search and download mp3 music through the best music database and search engine. you can also search and download mp3 music from public domain via public search engines. With this new version of Mp3 Search and Download you can edit the songs, cut them and set them as the call ringtone, notification and single contact ringtone!

What’s that song? Identify it FAST with SoundHound. Unlimited music recognition! Featuring the world’s fastest, most accurate music identification, exclusive singing search, and now: free unlimited LiveLyrics for over 1 million of your favorite songs.

It lets you browse and synchronize photos from Picasa, Flickr, Smugmug, Facebook, Photobucket, Windows Live, Tumblr, Deviant Art, Imgur, MediaRSS feeds and of course local ones, in a unified and clean UI.
photo search app forandroid
PicGet (Wallpaper Search)
You can download images what you want by “Microsoft Bing or Google”. Searched images will be saved to search word named folder in SD/Internal Memory.
Key feature
*Image Search & Download
-Bulk download
-Search option settings

Image Search
This application searches images with google api.
Long tap to download the image or go to the site that contains the image
android tool to search photos

NASA Images Archive
NASA images archive on Android market! More than 60 000 images with full information in 5 categories.
– Save image- Send image- Set as wallpaper
– App can be installed on sdcard (only for android 2.2 and higher).

Alarm and Reminder Apps for Chrome

Web App Note

Easy & powerful online note app. Manage your todo list, Google calendar or Dropbox files. No need to install anything, it’s all Google cloud based! You can drag & drop notes, change the note size, background color and font size, use advanced text formatting commands, manage a todo list, upload / download files from your Dropbox, add reminders into your Google Calendar, send your notes by email, import emails as notes and copy/paste html. Hyperlinks are clickable.
Free and highly rated utility for chrome


Unleash the project manager in you with AceProject! Keep track of projects, tasks, documents, expenses, timesheets and users. AceProject enables anyone to manage projects, without any professional project management knowledge required. This project collaboration software offers tons of features, including Project Management, Document Management, Timesheet Management, Time tracking, Expense Management, Collaboration, Reporting and HR Management.
reminder utility free for google chrome

Snooze Your Email for Gmail

Too many emails and can’t reply now? Snooze them for as long as you want and get a reminder later or have them reappear in your… Instead of marking your emails as unread and forgetting about them later because your busy, just click on your email, read it, then you can decide to click the Snooze button for a couple hours or days and you’ll get either a desktop reminder for that email when you’re ready or have the email automatically marked as unread later.
free reminder utility for google chrome

Apptoto – Automatic appointment reminder

Schedule automatic Voice and SMS reminders for your clients. Integrates with Google Calendar.
Simply put the phone number in the title, location, or body of the appointment on your Google Calendar. Apptoto will extract the number and call it based on the schedule you set up. The voice reminder is followed up with an SMS message containing a link back to more information about the appointment. Apptoto can use your caller id and your voice to personalize your message.
reminder utility for google chrome

Daily Tee Reminder

Daily Tee Reminder will let you know when there is new t-shirts available on Teefury, shirt.woot, Ript Apparel, TheYeTee, Qwertee and Tilteed.
reminder utility for google chrome

Google Calendar
One of the most popular tools, Google’s free online calendar makes easy to keep track of life’s important events all in one place. With this free tool you can share your schedule, get your calendar on the go, never forget another event again, send invitations and track RSVPs, sync with your desktop applications and work offline.
Free and highly rated utility for chrome

Checker Plus for Google Calendar

See your next meetings and the current date on the icon, get desktop event reminders, add events from the popup in month, week or…
100 times more powerful than the “by Google” extension and with desktop and voice notifications and great reviews. Improve your productivity and your business with new features like.
Free and highly rated utility for chrome

Love O’Clock

This extension counts accurately how many years/months/days you have been together with your loved ones. Just key in the date in the option page, and that’d get this extension kicking. Some of the features are; Anniversary reminder – with the option of monthly, yearly, or no reminder, cute emoticon (gif animation) next to the date (you can turn it off), 31 different emoticons in total, 1 for each day of the month.
reminder utility for google chrome

Voice ACE=Speak & DO ALL+Fun Play

Voice Companion for Productivity & Fun! Speak, Search, Read, Translate+Twitter, Dictionary, Play, Music, RSS, Facebook. 35+ (!) types of things she’ll do for you. Ask her to do … whatever – CONQUER, the WEB with her forever! Have FUN & boost your PRODUCTIVITY With awesome and amazing Lady…
reminder utility for google chrome

Bookmark, Archive, Highlight &….

Highlighter & post-it notes, bookmark & archive, all-in-one research tool. It is an extension for annotating, archiving and bookmarking webpages. You can bookmark links to archive webpages or to read later, attach highlights & stickies to a webpage as a reminder, share pages with annotation via Twitter, Facebook, Google Buzz, Create groups to pool findings, share resources or curate content, automatically cross-post to social bookmarking site Delicious (optional)
reminder utility for google chrome

Boomerang for Yahoo

Boomerang for Yahoo! Mail brings the power and functionality of Boomerang (the world’s most loved Gmail plugin) to Yahoo! Boomerang allows you to schedule messages to be sent or returned at a later date. Write a message now, send it whenever, even if you’re not online. Track messages to make sure you hear back, and easily schedule reminders right inside Yahoo Mail.
reminder utility for google chrome


If you are spending too much time in front of computers, your eyes are the ones that gets strained to the maximum. Taking breaks at regular intervals will help to ease this strain and to protect your vision. A good rule here is to follow 20-20-20 rule to keep your vision intact for the future. As per this rule, Every 20 minutes, take your eyes off your computer and look at something 20 feet away for at least 20 seconds. eyeCare will reminded you to take this break in multiple ways.
reminder utility for google chrome


MeetingKing is web-based tool to help keep meetings short and effective by managing all information and documentation before, during and after the meeting. MeetingKing is built around the natural workflow of meetings and conversations and turns short notes into up-to-date actionable information: meeting agenda, professional meeting minutes, tasks and task reminders and Powerful searchable archive.
free reminder utility for google chrome