Free Online Banner and Logo Generators

Let me be clear about something first hand, these tools I’m sharing today are not for seasoned professionals. This is for non-techies who wanna create something flashy for their blog or email /BBS signature.

These tools create flash or animated GIF banners, buttons and logos, all for free. I used to have a lot of fun with them when I was in my early teens, some of these tools helped me to assert my computer supremacy over my friends and family by the cool graphics they created. If you wanna create something outrageously cool in a very short time, this is the place.

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Flaming Text

I first used this tool back in 2003, wooh, that’s been a long time. This is probably the best Flash and GIF generators on the web. It leaves no watermarks, delivers profession and funky graphics for all kinds of needs.

free online gif maker

Flash Vortex

This tool generates beautiful flash banners and buttons, but leaves a link of their site in whatever you create.

Animation tool for webpage

The Free Logo Makers

This one is a pretty simple tool, delivers funky looking animations. You can create flash banners and animated web names for signatures or blog titles.

text in flash free online app

Web eStools

The site offers lots of tools, most of them are great. No watermarks!

free GIF and flash maker

Matrix Text

Remember Matrix the movie? Now generate your name in Matrix style.

online tool for text animation

Flash City

Banner and button maker.  No signup needed  No software to install  No design skill required  No AD  No limits  No fee.

free online flash text animator

Effect Generator

This tool is a little complicated to understand (not much though) but results can be manipulated with details.

online effect maker free app

Flash Banner Maker online

Just another banner generator.

free effect generator

Mirror Text

This just creates a logo style text. Give it a try, could be fun.

good txt effect free online

Free Glitter Text 4u

Another tool that creates glittery text for you.

online flash effect


Mostly this tool generates static graphics but the results are pretty reasonable.

online effects


Just another tool to create animated banners. You might not like the design of the website but you can create nice looking banners.

generating effects for text

Glow Text

Funky text, once again.

very good free online tool for text animation


Nice collection of tool related effect making, such as banner, logos etc.

web based tool


Glitter Text Maker: Graffiti Creator: Crazy Text Maker…. Choose your Font, Glitter Text Type and Effects.

Free Glitter Text Generator

Mint Profile

This tool creates text effects, others include free graphics and generators for Facebook profiles.

Text Effect Creator free online tool

Gif Up

It’s easy! Enter your text, choose the font style and type of glitter texture, click “Blink my text” button and it done!

free online application for text effects

3D Text Maker

Another tool I used first back in 2003… It has survived the beating of internet for so many years only because of the simplicity, quality results and no watermarks.

online text maker free

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