50 Stupendous Halloween Crafts

Halloween is just around the corner so we have come with a list of home made gadgets, i.e. crafts for Halloween.
This is a list of 50 most creative, yet easy to achieve Halloween crafts.

Some of these Halloween crafts are do-it-yourself kind while others can bought from stores and online. But they are all pretty cheap, won’t take much out of your budget.

Stay alert and scare everybody.
Happy Halloween 🙂

To reach the source of any of these Halloween crafts, just click the title.

Halloween Crafts

Hoooooo Has the Candy

A candy pouch craft to celebrate Halloween as it should be.

8 Hoooooo Has the Candy

Owl Luminaries

This year, I am jumping on Here is the craft owl train, a very easy and mildly sci-fi owl luminary craft.

3 Owl Luminaries1 3 Owl Luminaries 2

Monstrous Munchies Snack Cup

To make this Halloween craft, you have to turn a simple snack cup into a Frankenstein’s monster.

10 Monstrous Munchies Snack Cup

Creepy-Crawly Play Dough

Miniature play dough cans are shaped into silly-looking spiders with wiggle eyes, colorful chenille stems and patterned paper.

11 Creepy-Crawly Play Dough

Halloween Cards 

This ghost craft is a 3d glittered embellishment for this Halloween.

12 Halloween Cards

Tasty Tuesday: Candy Corn Cupcakes!

These are the cupcakes for a fun Halloween party!

1 Candy-corn-cupcakes


Easy, fun and quick to make halloween crafts.

2 Halloween-lanterns-vlog

Halloween Pumpkin

4 Halloween Pumpkin

Candy Corn Bottle Vases

Such a super sweet candy corn bottle vases project, as you can create it in a handful of minutes! In fact It is simple and looks great for the Halloween season.

9 Candy Corn Bottle Vases

Halloween Paper Pumpkins

These little cuties are to scatter around your house, in a vase, on a garland or an addition to your spooky mantle scape!

13 Halloween Paper Pumpkins
Candy Filling

These cones spill over with treats.

14 Candy Filling

Halloween Entrance

This Halloween insist you to make your front door season-appropriate, by framing it with dried corn husks and garland of the oak leaves.

15 Halloween Entrance

Halloween Wonderland

This craft lets you host a party before Halloween and then leave the decorations up for trick-or-treaters.

16 Halloween Wonderland

Candy Cone Decorations

You can treat every guest to a surprise even right at the door.

17 Candy Cone Decorations

Pumpkin Greeting

Spell out your Halloween greeting in mini pumpkins crafts gathered.

18 Pumpkin Greeting


These crafts reveals that special effects don’t require special tools especially when it comes to pumpkin carving.

19 Jack-o'-Lanterns

Witch Pitch: Halloween Party Game

An easy game craft, the kids could play at their neighborhood Halloween party.

20 Witch Pitch- halloween-party-game


Foil Sticker Paper, as a super cute Halloween treat. These simple candy tubes crafts are great for storing a Halloween trick or treat.

21 Stickers made with Silhouette CAMEO Halloween Candy Tubes In Stitches

Pumpkin Favor Pouches for Halloween

For the party favors or treats on Halloween night.

22 Pumpkin Favor Pouches for Halloween

Halloween Yard Decoration

Setting up a suitably spooky scene for partygoers, the best way was no walk through the pumpkin patch.

23 Halloween Yard Decoration1 23 Halloween Yard Decoration2 23 Halloween Yard Decoration3

Vintage Paper Halloween Wreath

This Halloween craft, paper wreath is very easy to make.

24 Vintage Paper Halloween Wreath

Halloween Decor: Mummies

I say, why the mummy is so tense?
They say, because he’s all wound up!

I say, why the ancient Egyptian children were confused?
They say, because their daddies were mummies, Simple!

To make such mummies of your own, just follow the 4 simple steps and that’s all.

25 Halloween Decor- Mummies

Halloween trick or treat free printable

A free printable Glam Halloween is here as a customizable trick or treat bag tag. Print the name of your child on it.

26 Halloween trick or treat free printable1 26 Halloween trick or treat free printable2

DIY Pumpkin Canvas Art with Buttons

Easy Halloween craft as a DIY Pumpkin Canvas Art with buttons.

27 DIY Pumpkin Canvas Art with Buttons

Halloween Toilet Paper Roll Pumpkins Craft

A simple and effective Halloween toilet paper roll pumpkin decoration craft.

28 Halloween Toilet Paper Roll Pumpkins Craft

Easy Halloween Crafts

Halloween Fancy Masks, Lantern, and so many other crafts are so simple to make.

29 Easy Halloween Crafts1 29 Easy Halloween Crafts2 29 Easy Halloween Crafts3

Japanese Kids Halloween Crafts

Japanese kids love ghosts in Halloween craft-making.

30 Japanese Kids Halloween Crafts

Silly Rabbit

A very easy Halloween craft to make that requires just 2 toilet paper rolls, 1 cotton ball, pink tempura paint, white, pink and black construction paper and glue .

31 Silly Rabbit

Bible Story Hour  Trumpet Crafts also suitable fo Halloween

You can make trumpets with some yellow poster paper and a cardboard toilet paper tube.

32 Bible Story Hour Crafts also suitable fo Halloween

Rollin’ Race Cars

There are so many fun crafts for Halloween, you can make with toilet paper tubes, such as these really rolling race cars.

33 Rollin’ Race Cars

Thanksgiving Crafts

Pilgrim village of boy and girl pilgrims and native American people craft. Next is the pine cone turkey project, made from pine cones along with craft eyes and construction paper.

34 Thanksgiving Crafts1 34 Thanksgiving Crafts2

Sheep Toilet Roll Craft

Here is an adorable sheep craft idea made from a toilet paper roll, great for this Halloween.

35 Sheep Toilet Roll Craft

Thanksgiving Turrkey Toilet Roll Craft

Here is a thanksgiving turkey craft made from a toilet paper roll.

36 Thanksgiving Turrkey Toilet Roll Craft

Cardboard Tube Giraffe

An adorable giraffe that is made entirely from toilet paper cardboard tubes.

37 Cardboard Tube Giraffe

Spooky Spiders

You will need to make it just construction paper, google-y eyes and glue.

38 Spooky Spiders138 Spooky Spiders2

Halloween Science

5 Halloween Science

Candy Corn Candy Treat

Cool Crafts- Bitty Halloween Treats & Sweets Die Collection, just celebrate!

6 Candy Corn Candy Treat

Baby Girl Shower Favor

This craft Baby Shower Favor is made with the paper trey.

7 Baby Girl Shower Favor

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