Cost efficient logistics solutions for your needs

Whether you are a food service provider, a retailer or a supplier to these industries, Temperature controlled courier services can provide cost-effective logistics solutions suited to your specific needs – without compromising on food quality, temperature controlled courier services coordinates and communicated with suppliers and retailers across the country to ensure the smooth flow of temperature controlled products (frozen, chilled & ambient) in a timely and reliable manner. This involves both Primary/Inbound and Secondary/Last Mile/Tertiary logistics operations.

Temperature controlled courier services store over 1000 products in all temperature ranges – ambient, chilled and frozen – in our strategically located multi-temperature warehouses. Our fleet of multi-temperature, multi-size vehicles ensures that these products are shipped in the most suitable temperature conditions. And their information network uses GPS technology to keep track of all our vehicles to provide up to the minute information about all our shipments as they are delivered to across the country. They are well-known as food service distributors, delivering food products from source to store.

Primary/ Inbound Logistics
The temperature controlled courier services fleet of refrigerated vehicles operates across the country to transport products from the supplier/manufacturer production plants to its strategically located Distribution Centers. Using demand and supply forecasting tools, they can predict the inventory requirements for all our clients, and this allows the company to manage its inventory at all the Distribution Centers and develop a fully optimized pickup schedule from the suppliers/manufacturers production units.

Secondary/ Tertiary/ Outbound/ Last Mile Logistics
Their Secondary fleet of multi-size, multi-temperature refrigerated vehicles operates from our Distribution Centers covering the last mile operations, delivering products in a temperature-controlled environment across cities. When clients need to restock, they simply place an order for all their requirements using our online ordering system. The nearest Distribution Center then prepares a consolidated shipment of products in the required quantities, which is then transported via refrigerated vehicles as per the delivery schedule.

In addition to their comprehensive end-to-end cold supply chain services, we also provide transport services to cater to different cargo loads, different time and temperature needs and different segments of the cold supply chain. Milk run delivery services – Door Pick-up, Door Delivery
• Load Consolidation – Consolidation of your products with similar products from other clients to provide cost-effective transportation.
• Multi-modal transport.

Single interface
Temperature controlled courier services act as the single interface that the suppliers/manufacturers and the retailers have to interact for all their business requirements. This lean setup ensures faster query resolution and business transactions. Retailers get to order different products from different origins in a single consolidated shipment from a single source, thus ensuring less operational complexity and huge savings on the logistics costs.

Management of Lead-time requirements
Suppliers need a longer lead-time as they have to source and process goods. They benefit from the advance schedules It provides. Restaurants require a short lead-time as they do not have the space to hold large inventories and their requirements frequently change in response to often changing market demands. They benefit from the reliability of their demand forecasting tools and accurate inventory management.

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