Chilled courier service at your doorstep

PDQ Cold Call has a range of Temperature Controlled vehicles to meet your requirements. Whether it is chilled, frozen or heated our vehicles can be set to suit your needs.

PDQ Cold Call delivers a temperature controlled transport service that is professional and reliable. PDQ Cold Call specialize in the same day collection and delivery of a diverse range of goods including soups, sauces, fish and prepared meals for some of the most significant food producers and supermarkets, either direct to store or distribution centers.

chilled courier service

With the heat option, vehicles are perfect for pharmaceutical shipments whether it is finished products or raw materials requiring critical control of the temperature.

Transcan – professional, accurate temperature recording system used across the transportation industry
All our vehicles are equipped with Transcan, which is the industry standard temperature recording equipment, to enable delivery or journey prints for temperature verification of your loads.

Enhanced control modules can be set to cover a temperature range from +25c to -25c.

All drivers are trained to follow our standard operating procedures, or to individual customer requirements.
PDQ Cold Call has a range of vans including Panel, Curtain, and Luton bodies. Some are even equipped with Tail Lifts.

The trucks in the fleet are all curtain side with Tail Lift and are equipped with sleeper cabs to accommodate nights out for the longer distance deliveries.

Rapid courier services: CMR insurance covers all vehicles for European delivery. Each vehicle is fitted with a TomTom Telematic “Webfleet” system that can monitor in real time its position, speed and eta while on any journey. Job allocation and text communication are also handled through the Webfleet software.

We provide the following service:

• Same day collection & delivery
• 24hr chilled courier service
• Operating 7 days a week, 365 days a year
• Storage options available
• TomTom Telematic tracking & Navigation
• Accurate ETA reporting
• Immediate Proof of Delivery
• Dedicated vehicles & drivers

PDQ Cold Call offers a unique ambient storage solution to you unlike no other within the local area. Not only can store ingredients, packaging supplies, materials or contingency stock for you, but we can also offer that your goods stored will be accessible 24 hours a day 7 days a week. Stock can be dispatched within 1 hour of your request. Whether its 1 box or 26 pallets you require (as per arranged fee).

The warehouse has full pest control and 24/7 CCTV coverage; we also use a modern stock control system so anyone can call for a livestock count at any time, as well a full paper trail to back up the computer system.

PDQ Cold Call also will keep you up to date every day with emailed stock checks, incoming delivers and outgoing deliveries.

Courier service rates are very competitive on price per pallet and handling and also our movements to your site from our storage facility.

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