What can a Drink Driving Solicitor do for me?

If you get a court summons or charged with a drunk driving related offense by the police, you must seek the expert legal advice from a drink driving solicitor as soon as possible. Your solicitor will suggest you with all possible defense you may have, assure you that correct statutory procedure has been followed and represent you at the time of your court appearing.

Even if you think you are not wrong, you do not have a defense and intend to plead guilty, your drink driving solicitor will advise you on many legal aspects. This includes looking for possibilities of avoiding a driving ban due to “special reasons” and putting forward a well-structured plea of mitigation to help secure a lenient sentence.

How much I need to pay to a Drink Driving Solicitor?
How much you need to pay to a Drink Driving Solicitor depends on many circumstances and situations like which solicitor you would like to instruct to represent you, the seriousness of the offense you have been charged with and your financial situation.

Many solicitors carry out legal aid work too. This refers to that they represent defendants and apply to the government for funding to cover the costs of the defendant’s legal fees.

If you belong to the low-income group or state benefits you may qualify for legal aid. This way you can hire a solicitor who undertakes legal aid work. It will cost you very little.

To qualify for legal aid, you need to pass two tests:
(1) A financial means test
(2) and an Interests of Justice ‘merit’ test

A legal aid solicitor will advise you that whether you are qualifying for a legal aid representation order or not. If you are qualified for legal aid, he will make an application on your behalf.
If you are applying for legal aid, then make sure that you are contacting the solicitor who does legal aid work before you fix an appointment.

What are the possible defenses if I charged with drink driving?
A person should not be convicted of drink driving when they can prove that alcohol is consumed after the alleged offense and before they provided a specimen for analysis and explained that alcohol is not consumed extra then the proportion of alcohol in their urine, breath or blood have not crossed the prescribed maximum limit. This is referred as hip-flask defense.

This kind of situation requires an expert evidence from a pathologist or scientist relating to the elimination of alcohol from the defendant’s body.

Also, specialised advice and representation from a drink driving solicitor are essential who knows all laws related to preparing the best possible defense to a drink-driving charge.

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