Apple iOS 6 – New Features Reviewed

Apple presented its latest iOS 6 yesterday on 11th June. And they did it in style on the opening day of their much awaited World Wide Developer’s Conference (WWDC). While the conference continuous until 15th June, we take a bite from Apple’s latest.
The final version of the operating system is set to be launched in fall (that’s autumn) this year but today, Apple did something which I think they haven’t done before. They made the beta available for developer’s preview.
If you have iPhone 3GS or higher, or 2nd generation iPad or 4th generation iPod touch, you can install iOS 6 beta. For download and installation help, please visit cnet.

Yesterday, we only got to know about the features of iOS 6 but I waited a day so I can read up a few columns and give you not just a features list but a little bit of review.

Features List

iOS6 Launch at WWDC Launch

Image courtesy: cnet Before I say what I think of it, let’s go through the features once.

Siri: can now open applications, all you have to do is say “Play…” and it does. “Play music” and it opens music player. You can do this with hundreds of applications. You can also check latest game scores, get weather updates, book a table for dinner and a whole lot of stuff just by telling Siri to do so.
Siri can now be a part of iPad as well.

Facebook: is now embedded in iOS 6. You don’t need Facebook app now.

Apple Maps: says good bye to Google Maps. For USA, it gives a detailed 3D viewing and its integration with Siri promises a lot.

Email: VIPs is just like priority sorting in Gmail. If the email of your boss is more important than any random email, he is a VIP and his emails are prioritized.

FaceTime over 3G: is big development. For two years, FaceTime only worked over Wi-Fi but now it works on cellular network as well.

Passbook: is kind of a copy of loyalty card tracker in Google Wallet. It stores all your digital movie tickets, boarding passes, store cards and so on.

Reply with Message and Do Not Disturb: are auto-texts. If you are busy and someone calls, he can get an automatic SMS reply that says “I’ll call you later”. You can also set ‘Do Not Disturb’ so the mobile will not even vibrate or light up when it receives a call or sends the text.

Eyes Free: is something unique. Apple is working with big automobile producers, such Mercedes and BMW for a dedicated Siri button on the staring wheel so you can interact with your portable device without having to take your eyes of the road.


Launch of iOS 6 and its Features.

The buzz is that Apple has copied many features from Android’s latest update. To me, this is a meaningless remark because what I want to know is, which is better? which gives me the worth of my money? and that’s what I focus on!

Apple maps tell you (of course, with the help of Siri) if there was an accident on the road, or a construction is in progress so you should change the path. The new Mail allows you to create multiple signatures. There are over 200 features like this which cannot all be mentioned but they all can make life easier, but the most important and decisive feature would be Siri. If they get Siri right, Apple will dominate.

Which is Better?

If you go outside USA, Apple Maps don’t look as charming. And Siri, well let me tell you what my friend from UK told me: “Whenever I try to find a job, Siri says you are outside USA or please use US English”. So my verdict is that if you are in USA, you will have a hard time deciding between Android or Apple but if you are somewhere else, maybe Android is better

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