Absolutely Free Softwares for Converting Fonts

About a week ago, I made a collection of online font converters. But sometimes an online tool isn’t enough, you need a software that works locally, on your computer. So here are 5 unique tools to convert fonts.
Convert fonts to use them on the web, or maybe your desktop publication software doesn’t support PostScript Type1 font, and you need to convert it. These converters are a solution to all those problems.

Converts TTF Fonts to EOT and compresses the file to make it a lot smaller. Useful for tool for developers.
Offline free Tool to convert fonts

WOFF fonts!

Converts TTF files to .woff for­mat. It has a command-line interface so it’s not much user-friendly. Source code comes built in, so serious developers may like it.
Converting tool free download


Converts PC fonts to MAC and vice-versa.
A software that converts the Font true typeTransType SE 2.5.1
Simple converter tool for fonts. It works with most of fonts formats and converts them into one another. Takes a lot of hardware resources.
Font Converter free tool

TransType Pro

Premium Paid Version of TransType.
This comes with all the powerful features, like all font formats are supported. Batch processing and many such features which are not present in the above mentioned version.

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