Best Android Backup App

Most people know they have to backup their computer, but many forget to backup their Android. When our lives are stored on our phones, it makes sense to find the best Android backup app, so that if disastrous strikes, you can add the data from your old phone to the new. If ...Read More

10 Most Popular Fighting Games for Android

Fighting games and hack and slash games are familiar gaming genres. Professional combat sports, bare knuckle brawling and fantasy melees, action-oriented war and fighting lovers, courageous gamers have a world of games to out there with which to get their adrenaline rush. Here’s a selection of a few fighting games for Android ...Read More

Top 20 Free Car Racing Android Games

Its quite possible that you might feel the need for speed and a huge desire to run your fellow drivers sometimes off the road. It’d be better for you to redirect that energy into one of these car racing games for Android. I am thankful for smartphones and those games that give ...Read More

20+ Tattoo Apps for Mobile Devices

Tattoo apps are the apps that help you get the best tattoo designs. Whether you are a tattoo artist or just a common person who likes to get a tattoo here and there. These apps will delight you. These apps will give inspiration for all kinds of tattoos including the rare types. ...Read More

Top 100 American Inventions of All Time

American inventions have been changing the world for last three centuries. Even though, scientists don’t like to call it “American” inventions, they just believe that they do their job for the humanity as a whole, and they also don’t want their work to be linked with a particular identity. But of course, ...Read More

20+ Free Ghost Themes

Ghost themes are made for the revolutionary new CMS called Ghost. This CMS, like WordPress and some other famous content management systems is a free open-source resource. And with Ghost, you can make incredibly simple, but very readable and user-friendly blogs. If you know Medium, the new blogging service by Twitter, it ...Read More

20+ Pure HTML5 Games

HTML5 games are full-fledged games that are developed only the basic hypertext markup. HTML5 has this huge capability of running games. A developer can design games using only JavaScript and canvas by HTML5. It was the playground of Flash to make online games but now HTML alone is enough to develop games. ...Read More

30+ Wireframe Tools and Mobile Apps

Wireframe tools help you create shape to your imagination. Designers of all kinds love wireframe tools enable them to make mind-maps, diagrams, and all kinds of wireframes. If you are a designer looking for quality wireframe tools and/or wireframe mobile phone apps, then this is the place you should be looking them. ...Read More

Most Awesome Inventions Since 2000

These are the revolutionary inventions since 2000. The inventions that have made so much impact on our lives that it is almost impossible to live without them. The previous century was considered to be the century of advancement, but 21st century is going at an even rapid pace from the previous one. ...Read More

40 Best e-Commerce Solutions For Your Business Start

It should not come as a surprise, internet shops are three times more lucrative than then regular shops! There are numerous reasons for that actually. However, the undeniable fact the number of people, who take shopping as unnecessary burden is growing fast. Most prefer to do quick online shopping over spending much ...Read More

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