Galaxy S7 Tricks and Tips

Galaxy S7 Tricks and Tips Currently, Galaxy S7 and S7 Edge from Samsung flagship are standing at the top of the pile of the best phones in 2016. While awe for the looks and camera remain a common delight, using certain easy tricks will give these two phones a good run for ...Read More

Samsung Galaxy S7 Edge Review

Samsung Galaxy s7 Edge is the latest flagship from Samsung. Having to fill the shoes of its award-winning predecessor couldn’t have been easy, but S7 Edge makes it look like a walk in the park. With a better battery life and exquisite apparel, it kicks its standard sibling Galaxy S7 up a ...Read More

Best Android Launchers 2016

Best Android Launchers 2016   Launchers are android apps designed to change the overall appearance of the home screen without messing with any system files on your operating system. There are vast possibilities with these kinds of applications as you can totally change the look of your home screen for the better. ...Read More

Hidden features of Android 6.0

Hidden features of Android 6.0 Google has launched the new software update Android 6.0 marshmallow which is quite similar to the previous Android 5.0 versions, but there are some very useful features that are unique in this new launch. One of the important features is a ‘fingerprint sensor’ but that depends on ...Read More

Best iOS Apps to Train Your Brain

Best iOS Apps to Train Your Brain  Brain training apps have always been sought by Android and iPhone users alike as everyone likes to test their mental capabilities. Through these apps, you can challenge your cognitive ability to grow by pushing your brain into complex calculations and improve overall brain activity be ...Read More

Best Smartphone Apps for Toddlers and Children

Best Smartphone Apps for Toddlers and Children Early childhood years are the most significant ones as it is the development phase of his/her personality. Besides, during this time, a child’s capacity to absorb everything going on around them is massive, as is their will to learn. With the recent technology advancements, learning ...Read More

Best iOS Multiplayer Games

Best iOS Multiplayer Games Multiplayer games are a real fun way to spend time when with your friends, cousins or family. Here are our top picks for this year’s best multiplayer games for iOS software: Best iOS Multiplayer Games Pandemic: Pandemic is a game that lets the player save the world from eternal ...Read More

Best iPhone and Android Apps for Diet and Nutrition

Best iPhone and Android Apps for Diet and Nutrition In today’s modern era, there is an app available for everything, be it finding good music or editing your photos. But is there something that actually helps your body? The answer to this question is YES! There are different apps available to help ...Read More

Best Android Backup App

Best Android Backup App Most people know they have to backup their computer, but many forget to backup their Android. When our lives are stored on our phones, it makes sense to find the best Android backup app, so that if disastrous strikes, you can add the data from your old phone ...Read More

10 Most Popular Fighting Games for Android

Fighting Games for Android Fighting games and hack and slash games are familiar gaming genres. Professional combat sports, bare knuckle brawling and fantasy melees, action-oriented war and fighting lovers, courageous gamers have a world of games to out there with which to get their adrenaline rush. Here’s a selection of a few ...Read More

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